Sweat, tears and expletives… My Ironman journey (Richard Seville)

Richard Seville … you are an IRONMAN!!!

These are words that I’ve dreamt about hearing for a long time but never imagined would be achievable.  As someone who came from a running background and enjoyed the odd social cycle I was 2 thirds of the way to being able to take part in a triathlon.  The final third would prove to be the biggest challenge of my life but at the same time the most rewarding and life changing.  I’m talking about the SWIM … the dreaded swim! Read More

My Experience of Cross Country – Holly Hirst

For the past few years my dad and I have taken part in an event for all ages (from 11-80), Manchester and Cheshire Cross Country League. Through our triathlon club, my dad and I have taken part in just a few of these hard-core races which are not for the faint-hearted.

Dad had started doing cross county around 3 years ago and he would come home with legs covered in mud and I just wanted to have a go. So last year, I did my first cross country and I loved it; I went on to do several more after that.

Last Saturday, I was just one of the many people in St Helens Tri that took part in the race in Stockport. Including a massive downhill, a killer up hill and lots and lots of mud. Along the way, people were falling over and getting stuck but luckily, I had turned round the last corner and therefore nothing could go wrong …

Although, in the last fifteen seconds of the race, my shoe was sucked up by the colossal amount of mud along the finishing straight.  Skidding in the mud, I turned back around, making sure to scoop my shoe out of the boggy mess before finishing the race with only one shoe left on my feet.

After the race, it was time to get warm by wrapping myself up in several blankets and eating loads of sweets and cake: so I guess it wasn’t all that bad!

The joy of racing – Eddie Hirst

After a summer period dominated by injury, I was thrilled to represent Great Britain as an Age Group athlete and experience an international race at the ITU Multisport World Championships in Penticton, British Columbia. The human body has the capacity to repair itself fairly quickly from some sporting injuries, fortunately this allowed me to get myself to a level of fitness which would make me competitive at the event. My family and I also decided to target the World Championships as a family holiday destination as the dates landed squarely in the UK school summer holidays. Happy days!

Canada is a beautiful country and the people are friendly, humble and resourceful. I was quite taken by the whole experience and it has to be one of my favourite destinations. The Multisport World Championships covers a range of events from the ‘Iron distance’ swim, bike and run to Aquathlon and Duathlon. I competed in the Sprint Distance Duathlon event which was a fast and furious experience which included a roller coaster bike leg, not for the faint hearted!

I was more than happy to finish 15th in my race, it was a real honour to race for GB and the support from my family and teammates was awesome. There were some real acts of human kindness on display, one of which involved two of my GB teammates who stopped during my race to attend to a fellow competitor from the USA who had taken a very bad fall during the cycle section. Effectively sacrificing their race to attend to the needs of another person who needed urgent medical assistance. They were OK, thankfully and my teammates have since received recognition for their acts of kindness.

All in all, an amazing trip which at one point looked doubtful for me, but I persevered and made it!

Super Steve the Hat-Trick Hero

The holiday season normally makes for a quiet time on the racing front at St Helens Tri but  a few weekly staples plus some new ventures far and wide did their job in keeping the scoreboard ticking over as the calendar turned to August. Indeed it was on the first day of the month that Chris Green scored one of the club’s best results all year at the Tuesday night time trial. Read More