Sweat, tears and expletives… My Ironman journey (Richard Seville)

Richard Seville … you are an IRONMAN!!!

These are words that I’ve dreamt about hearing for a long time but never imagined would be achievable.  As someone who came from a running background and enjoyed the odd social cycle I was 2 thirds of the way to being able to take part in a triathlon.  The final third would prove to be the biggest challenge of my life but at the same time the most rewarding and life changing.  I’m talking about the SWIM … the dreaded swim! Read More

Thunderstruck, Awestruck and Starstruck – The Story of Ironman 2018

And so it dawned, July 15 2018, the ultimate stage being set for the ultimate challenge, Ironman UK. This year’s roster of St Helens Tri entrants was markedly different to previous editions with a particularly pleasing array of first time participants, some being used to the middle distance variant, others coming from seemingly nowhere to make their mark on the biggest race of the year. Read More