Club Kit


Our club cycling kit and triathlon kit is provided by Bioracer via Onimpex UK based in Warrington.  The general design can be viewed on the following links:-

  1. Performance Cycling
  2. Race Proven High Performance Cycling
  3. Triathlon Suit
  4. Triathlon Tops and Shorts

Club kit details can be found here, which covers sizing information and the product information links to the Bioracer website.  Pricing information can be found here.

When you are ready to order please go to the on-line club kit order form here to place your order. Please note that a club kit order will only be placed once the minimum order limit for all members has been reached (approx £1000).  There are some items held in a limited stock at the club and you will be advised when you order if these are available. You will only be asked for payment once the minimum order value has been achieved and the full order can be placed and at this point the order is usually 6 to 8 weeks.  There will be two formal kit orders completed each year and you will be advised of this by email as a club member.


Our casual and running kit is provided by Barnie Sport and can be viewed on our club page on their wesbite.