Club Championship – Rules

In 2018 St Helens Tri wish to launch a club championship, incorporating the North West series of triathlons and St Helens Triathlon, the goal is not only to create a club competition but also, if we get enough interest we could compete in the North West triathlon championships as a club.

The Race Series Guide:

Race One: Club Duathlon 2018

Event Date: 04/02/18

Race Organiser: St Helens Tri

Race Two: Deva Triathlon – Standard 2018

Event Date: 03/06/18 Race

Organiser: Chester Triathlon Club

Race Three: Coniston Triathlon 2018

Event Date: 24/06/2018

Race Organiser: Epic Events

Race Four: Boundary Breeze – Sprint 2018

Event Date: 22/07/2018

Race Organiser: Manchester Triathlon Club

Race Five: St Helens Sprint Tri 2018

Event Date: 09/09/2018

Race Organiser: Steve Prescot Foundation

Race Six: Oulton Park Duathlon – Sprint 2018

Event Date: 30/09/2018

Race Organiser: Xtra Mile Events

Series Eligibility

To be eligible to collect points for the series, an athlete must be a member of St Helens Tri no later than a week before the next event. Membership of British Triathlon is preferable.

i.e. to be eligible for the first race of the series on 04/02/2018, an athlete MUST have either joined or renewed their membership no later than 30/01/2018. If an athlete’s membership has expired and has not been renewed by this point, they will not be eligible to score points in that race.

Age Groups

Categories will be across Male & Female with the following age ranges:

16-19, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59 & 60+

Alongside the age group categories the results will also feed into an overall league table.

Scoring System

Scoring will adopt the scoring system for the current ranking series in Scotland & Wales:

Points are allocated based on a finishers time relative to the 40th percentile finisher in the race. Using this scoring system, the further the winner is ahead of the rest of the field, the more points they are rewarded with.

This means that the performance of each athlete is scored relative to the performances of the athletes they are racing against. This means that a big performance on the final day of the series can affect the series results, ensuring that interest is maintained over all six races.

Scoring Formula

The scoring formula is as follows: Assume that Athlete Y is the 40th percentile finisher. Athlete Y finishes the race in 75 minutes. Athlete A finishes the race in 70 minutes:

(Finish Time of Y/Finish time of A) X 100

(75/70) *100 = 107.14

Athlete A receives 107.14 points. Meanwhile, using the same formula, athlete Y receives 100 points. Athletes finishing behind athlete Y would receive less than 100 points. All athletes finishing the race would receive points for the series. An athlete must complete two out of the six races to qualify for the series rankings*.

St Helens Triathlon is the final race of the series, the club board reserve the right to make the final race of the season a ‘double point race’.

If any given event has <40 competitors then a decision will be made to change the percentile number to ensure consistency across scoring


Are yet to be determined, but there will likely be an overall Male/Female champion and also age group winners.

CATEGORIES MALE FEMALE or Junior may be add/removed of merged dependent on the number of athletes participating. For example, if we only have 3 athletes at age group 20-29 then this may be merged with 30-39 to ensure sufficent competition, however we hope to have enough atlhetes in each category.


Please send all enquiries about the series to Mark Derbyshire. Mark